Jiffy PRO7 Coco Block 5KG (70L)

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The PRO7 produced by Jiffy is the perfect choice for growers that use a lot of coco and want it to be discreet and easy to store and transport but more cost-effective than buying multiple coco bricks.

How to use:

Place the PRO7 Coco Block into a large container such as a wheelbarrow or Garland 1m tray, premix the water and nutrient in a bucket, then add to the block and watch it swell up.

Jiffy recommends 30L of lukewarm water for a mix that is not quite fully wet, ideal if you wish to water your freshly potted plants, and 35L of water if you are not going to water the plants.

Break it up within the bucket as it swells and fluff it up to produce a uniform product with a hand fork or your hands; this can take 15 to 20 mins. 

Add your expanded potting mix to a suitable pot, then add your plant. Plants propagated in ROOT!T sponge plugs or Jiffy7C plugs have a head start, ready to thrive in your PRO7 substrate.

Start to feed with a professional fertiliser; mix in 1-2 ml/L of each of the A&B solutions to your water for seedlings and young plants. Begin to increase the dose rate once you see your seedlings or plants have established and growing. Use 3-4 ml/L of each of the A&B solutions for mature plants.

Always check the water quality in your area and ensure you are using the correct variant – either hard water or soft water. We recommend a half-strength CalMag supplement such as Vitalink CalMag (0.5ml/L) during the growth stage in very soft water areas.

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