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Neutralise dechlorinates tap water instantly, protecting beneficial microbes from the harmful effects of both chloramine and chlorine. It is ideal for conditioning tap water before adding microbial products such as Biosys. It can also be used with coco, soil and hydroponic systems as a pre-treatment for nutrient solutions and irrigation water.

  • Treats Chloramine and Chlorine
  • Ideal for organic gardeners
  • Allows beneficial microbes to flourish
  • Pre-treatment for hydroponic nutrient solutions

Neutralise has been formulated to actively target the presence of chlorine and chloramine in tap water. Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant added to water supplies across the UK to kill potentially harmful bacteria. No doubt you will have smelt chlorine when running the tap or having a shower.

Chlorine alone in tap water can create unwanted harmful by-products, so water companies also utilise a more stable version of chlorine known as chloramine. The procedure involves mixing ammonia into chlorinated water. Chloramine is far more persistent than chlorine alone, making it more effective at killing bacteria right to the point of drinking your glass of tap water or watering your plants.

With Neutralise, allow your garden to thrive by using chlorinated water.

Available in: 50ml, 250ml

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