SMS Smart Controller 6.5 Amp MK2

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SMS Smart Controller 6.5 Amp 

This Smart Controller is excellent and lets you adjust the speed of your outlet or intake duct fan easily by turning a knob. You have the choice of a base unit or the addition of a temperature sensor. Without the temperature sensor, Smart Controller acts as a basic manual fan speed controller giving you 60 different speed settings. The added temperature probe can work independently, keeping your room to user-set parameters with a fan speed minimum, making it incredibly easy to give your plants the perfect environment.

  • SMSCom – Very reliable and great value-for-money
  • Plugs straight into a mains socket
  • Wide adjustment fan-speed control
  • Upgradeable with the addition of the plug-in SMSCom thermostat
  • Can supply up to 1500 Watts (6.5 Amps)

SMS Smart Controller Probe 

The SMSCOM smart controller with NTC temperature probe is a simple, accurate, affordable Climate Control solution.

The probe and controller are available separately, but when combined, the controller can regulate the fans to maintain a constant temperature in your environment, giving your plants the optimum temperature for vigorous, healthy growth.

The probe is 3m long, allowing you to position it wherever required.

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